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Winter Eyes

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During the winter, the sun sits at a different angle, exposing your eyes to more UVA and UVB rays than in the summer. Those rays can sunburn your corneas, especially when they reflect off snow on the ground.

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Snow reflects up to 85% of UV rays, causing irritation and glare. Polarized lenses reduce the fatigue and help you see better.

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A good pair of wooden frames insulate and maintain their strength when the temperature drops.Plastic petroleum-based frames get brittle in the cold. 

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The Adventurer

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The Adventurer Dark Grey

The Adventurer - beautifully finished wooden sunglasses for men and women in the classic style frame with polarized lenses.

☀  ECO FRIENDLY: The frames of these wooden sunglasses are manufactured from multiple layers of maple wood which is sustainably sourced and FSC certified

☀  HAND FINISHED TO PERFECTION: The layers of maple wood are painted and then joined together and hand finished to a create a perfectly smooth finish

☀ ENGRAVED ARMS: We've added an ancient African style engraving on the arms to make these sunnies as unique as you are.

☀ POLARIZED LENSES FOR MAXIMUM PROTECTION: Our UV400 rated TAC Polarized lenses provide full UVA, UVB and UVC protection. Polarized lenses are especially good at reducing glare on the water and other reflective surfaces

☀ SUPER COMFY: Stainless steel spring hinges allow the arms to flex outwards by up to 15 degrees, providing a snug and comfortable fit regardless of face shape

Dimensions:  Frame width: 149mm Lens width: 53mm Lens height: 41mm Frame height: 48mm Arms length: 146mm Included items: Maple wood polarized sunglasses with engraved arms Engraved bamboo sunglasses case Microfibre carry pouch / cleaning cloth

☀ Protect your eyes from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays (and look awesome at the same time!) by investing in a pair of top quality Wildwood maple wood sunglasses with polarized lenses.

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