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The Islander

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Meet your new favorite sunnies. the Men's Islander

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the Islander

Beautiful, top quality handcrafted rectangular style maple wood sunglasses with polarized lenses for men.

Lightweight, super comfy....and every pair gives back to the environment. 

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The Islander (Dark Grey Lenses)

The Wildwood Islander - one of our most popular models. Beautiful, eco friendly, handcrafted rectangular style maple wood sunglasses with polarized lenses for men who like to live the dream, one island at a time!

☀ SUSTAINABLE: The wooden frames are made from 100% FSC certified, sustainably sourced maple wood and feature a tropical island inspired engraving on the arms

☀ POLARIZED LENSES: UV400 rated TAC Polarized lenses provide full UVA, UVB and UVC protection. Polarized lenses are especially good at reducing glare from water, snow and other reflective surfaces

☀ THEY FLOAT: These sunglasses are floating sunglasses! Yes they float on water - paddleboard to your heart's content safe in the knowledge these awesome eco friendly sunnies won't end up in Davey Jones' Locker.

☀ SUPER COMFY: Double spring hinges allow the arms to flex outwards by up to 15 degrees. This makes for a snug and very comfortable fit regardless of face shape

☀ THEY GIVE BACK TO THE ENVIRONMENT: We're proud members of 1% for the Planet and pledge a percentage of our gross sales to environmental non-profits.

☀ Dimensions:

Frame width: 146mm Lens width: 53mm Lens height: 42mm Frame height: 48mm

☀ Included items:

Maple Wood rectangular style polarized sunglasses Bamboo sunglasses case with engraved logo Microfibre pouch / cleaning cloth ☀ Live the dream and look awesome at the same time - The Islander is calling you!


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Hand finished wooden frames

All of our full wooden sunglasses are hand finished to exacting standards to ensure they look and feel incredible. Woods we use include bamboo, maple, walnut and zebra wood.

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High quality TAC Polarized lenses

If you're out and about on a sunny day, you really should be wearing polarized sunglasses. While regular tinted lenses reduce brightness, they do not reduce harmful glare. Glare is what happens when the sun hits a flat surface and reflects the light back into your eye at a greater magnitude. It has some harmful impacts on your immediate vision — from reduced depth and colour perception, all the way to temporary blindness. 

Polarized sunglasses lenses contain a chemical filter that absorbs horizontal light waves, while allowing the vertical waves to pass through (direct light). By removing the horizontal reflected light, the polarized chemical filter eliminates any glare but preserves colour, depth and clarity.

Our lenses are new technology TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose) polarized lenses. They offer superior visual and polarization clarity. They are hard coated to resist scratching and block out 100% of all harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers, and are also lightweight and highly impact resistant

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They float on water

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FSC certified wood

Our maple wood and zebra wood frame sunglasses are manufactured using sustainably sourced FSC certified wood, imported from Estonia. Our bamboo wood sunglasses are manufactured from bamboo plants which are grown for purpose in China.

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BEST guarantee in the business!

Whenever you're wearing sunglasses you're having fun, right? Unless you break them, that is! We definitely don't want something like that to spoil your day, so if you break your Wildwood sunglasses within 12 months of purchase we'll send you a FREE replacement pair (all you pay is the shipping). Just register your purchase here within 30 days of purchase to be eligible.  

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For her....

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The Monte Carlo

So picture the scene - you're sailing into Monaco on a luxury yacht - you're sunbathing on the front deck, pretending to read your book. Everyone on the boardwalk is just waiting for you to look over the top of your sunglasses 'cos they HAVE to see which A-lister has just rocked into town. That is the sort of thing that literally might happen if you're wearing these sunglasses and you're good buddies with a billionaire!

☀ STYLE POINTS GALORE: Beautiful ebony wood sunglasses in the oversize designer style frame with a subtle Wildwood metal badge on the arms. Don't wear boring old oil based plastic on your face like the gal on the next sun lounger - show her who's boss!

☀ SUPER COMFY: The spring hinges on the arms can flex outwards by up to 15 degrees which make these oversize sunglasses feel comfortable all day long. No pinching or pressure on your temples whatsoever

☀ LUXURY: Ebony wood is luxurious, very strong and also lightweight. As we all know, good things happen when you're looking good ;-)

☀ ECO-FRIENDLY. You will look great, but you'll also feel great - you haven't paid three times the price for a pair of oil based plastic sunglasses - you're rocking natural, sustainable ebony wood!

☀ POLARIZED LENSES. Our UV400 rated TAC Polarized anti-glare lenses with a gradient effect provide full UVA, UVB and UVC protection, plus they cut out harmful glare from reflective surfaces like the Mediterranean.

☀ THEY FLOAT. If these designer sunglasses do happen to fall in the pool as you're reaching for your margarita - no problemo - they float and the lifeguard will be falling over him/herself to retrieve them for you.

☀ 12 months warranty and 30 day money back guarantee

☀ Included items:

Women's ebony wood oversized polarized sunglasses Beautiful bamboo wooden sunglasses case soft, luxurious microfibre sunglasses pouch which doubles up as a cleaning cloth

☀ The Monte Carlo - you're worth it!

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Beautiful eco friendly sunglasses for outdoor lovers, handcrafted from solid wood.